Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Books and cleverness... There are more important things: friendship, bravery...."

Many a time when I've needed inspiration/motivation, I've told myself to "be a Hermione." The girl got stuff done. I know that I tend to get into slumps and to turn into more of a Ron Weasley (another fantastic character, but one with a lot less self-motivation). I get so disappointed in myself when I become a Ron instead of a Hermione. And I've been crumbling under a lot of pressure lately, and getting more and more exhausted and less and less motivated... This post should perhaps actually be titled "Bloody Hell," or another Ron Weasley-ish phrase, but I choose to emulate Hermione (ironic as that may be, considering Pottermore deemed me a Hufflepuff years ago).

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I say "ironic" because they say that the famous trio (Harry, Ron, & Hermione) represent qualities of the three houses outside of Gryffindor house. They each have qualities which could have made them likely candidates for these other houses, but their deep-set values and choices made each one of them a Gryffindor. It is speculated: Harry could have been a Slytherin, Hermione could have been a Ravenclaw, and Ron could have been a Hufflepuff.

When I get all introspective with my Harry Potter-isms, I tend to think of myself as a Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw tendencies. I dearly love to learn, but I am rarely up for the type of logical reasoning associated with Ravenclaws. Were I a Ravenclaw, I would most assuredly be found pouting outside the common room more often than not, unable to solve the riddle required to be granted access to my own dormitory.

I actually (silly as it may seem for an adult woman) had a bit of an existential crisis recently with my Harry Potter-ism. As you may know, the Pottermore website was updated somewhat recently. Those who already had Pottermore accounts had the option of sticking with their previous sorting, or being re-sorted. Hoping to reassure myself of a true Hufflepuff status, I took the new sorting hat quiz. And, lo and behold...

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No, no. No, no, no, no, no. Couldn't be. Could it? I'm such a Hufflepuff, it's ridiculous! Though, at the time that I took the test again, I was in a very studious mindset (I got a 4.0 GPA that semester for the only-eth time in my life!) and that mindset might have lent very much to my being sorted into Ravenclaw house.

It's so very silly (I have a lot of respect for Ravenclaw house), but I was so disappointed. And it felt untrue, to be honest... So silly.

After a while, though, I decided to try again (I had a student email address with which I could join Pottermore and be sorted yet again). Time had passed, I had accumulated a better perspective on the whole affair. I decided that if this time resulted in a Ravenclaw sorting, I would wholeheartedly be a Ravenclaw. I mean, admittedly, based on the lack of respect shown to Hufflepuff characters by other characters within the Harry Potter wizarding world, when I was first sorted into Hufflepuff I recall being initially disappointed, and then chuckling to myself because it made perfect sense. So, again, if I was now sorted as a Ravenclaw, so be it. I would be happy about it. I took the quiz again, and...

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Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I have a great deal of respect for Gryffindor house, as well, but goodness. It couldn't be. I couldn't be. Too much bravery and too many crazy shenanigans for my liking in Gryffindor house. Perhaps I'm braver than I think I am, and while that is an encouraging thought...

I truly feel that I'm a Hufflepuff. I have now taken the sorting hat quiz three times, and each time I've felt that I answered honestly and sincerely. And now, as the sorting hat can't quite seem to make up its mind, I've decided to continue identifying with Hufflepuff house (not a difficult decision in the slightest bit).

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Right? Dumbledore said it. You gonna argue?

I may have a little Ravenclaw in me, and a little Gryffindor as well (seems likely there's not a lot of Slytherin to be found, but who knows? Maybe a fourth time taking the quiz would tell me otherwise. Probably not gonna find out).

Oh, this post... It started as one thing, and as it continued it took on a whole other life. A defensive, "I'M A HUFFLEPUFF" life. Perhaps I'm simply seeking Hufflepuff status validation. If you knew me well, I think you'd agree that I'm most certainly a Hufflepuff.

 Come to think of it, this entire post is probably all the proof you need. This definitely seems like something a Hufflepuff would do (and I should absolutely be doing homework, but this is important).

Even if we are able to do certain things, our values say a great deal about who we are and might at times be more telling than our obvious abilities. I choose to be fiercely loyal and hardworking. I choose to keep striving toward Hermione-level motivation, and I'm sure it'll be a constant battle. I choose to stay afloat as blissfully as I can.

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